Kids ask good questions… my wife and 4-year old son, Isaac, were laying in Isaac’s bed early this morning.  He turned and asked my wife, “Mommy, how come Dr. Overton isn’t selling babies anymore?”  Earlier this week, he had overheard Hope telling me that Dr. Overton was no longer going to be delivering babies. 

On another note… today, one of our babysitters, Erinn Caley, was watching Grace and Isaac.  They decided to start playing “Jesus on the Cross”.  Erinn was then “nailed” to the wall.  At first, she was only “nailed” (with a red pen) on the hands and feet but then was nailed in the throat and face.  It looks like we’ve got some work to do in theological explainations.



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  1. Welcome to the Huntington University blogring!

  2. Did Erinn mention that they left her in the grave for 5 days once?  🙂

  3. Again… we’ve got some theological training to work on this weekend.  I also remember that when it was Grace and Isaac’s turn to be Jesus, they were crucified together and buried together.  More work…

  4. Anonymous

    Am I the only one who thinks it’s mildly disturbing that they even play “Jesus on the cross”?  Just a thought.  Hope the Browns are doing well!

  5. It might be mildly disturbing but they are only 4 years old.  One of their favorite books is about Easter.  And if you ask them what story they would like to read out of their picture Bibles, it will most often be about Jesus’ death on the cross or resurrection. 
    I hope you are well Molly.

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