Is there a direct correlation between the amount accomplished for The Kingdom and the size of your Heavenly mansion / crown?



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  1. Well, I think you would have to define “the amount accomplished for the Kingdom”.  I think there is a correlation between meekness and your heavenly blessing.  In the same way I think there is a correlation between humility, selflessness, and grace and the blessing bestowed upon you in the hereafter.

  2. Oh and about your last post, I think you should have a higher expectation for them to be human (those going into full-time ministry).  I would love to see a whole bunch of people come out of HU understanding that they need God for morality and not necessarily some facade of discipline.  What makes a person worthy of ministry is that they know how to repent, and that doesn’t mean that they sin more just that they know that they can walk further on their knees than on their feet.  Pushing a higher level of morality for certain people only gives them standards that they won’t be able to live up to and be honest with themselves.  I think you should hold them to a higher level of repentance if anything. 

  3. It seems to me a person will be satisfied no matter what because its God’s presence, you know?

  4. yeah, heavenly jewels and rewards are probably a terrible theological proposition. I’m pretty sure that Jesus’ use of these concepts are mostly ironic in the gospels. a heaven with anyone other than Christ highly exalted kind of defeats the whole purpose of Christ’s ministry, not to mention the highly exalted status of Christ. to think of it as a sort of transaciton between good things done and sweet rewards would be more of an american notion…

  5. Let me just say that i think if anything has to do with it is is how you used your talents that you have on earth and how well you used them. 

  6. Anonymous

    Do you really want an answer to this question?Peace

  7. Anonymous

    Perhaps the correlation is between the amount of God’s love that exhibits itself through you through earthly works (through humility, meekness, obedience, etc.) and the heavenly reward of being able to love God and glorify Him to a greater extent because of your obedience to His will on earth.

  8. I like what Brian and Jake said.  It just seems that when we speak of Heavenly blessings, it sounds a lot like rewards for service.  Who hasn’t at least once thought that Billy Graham would have more Heavenly rewards than you would?

  9. Does it have more to do with living up the potential and opportunities presented to us?

  10. ‘Works’ have to fit in somewhere, don’t they?
    Thanks for contacting me about this … might be something i enjoy

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