Should we have a higher moral expectation for students entering into full-time church ministry vs. those entering into other full-time professional positions?  This is not a discussion of the definition of “ministry” just a discussion of whether or not we should have a higher moral expectation.



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  1. Woo Hoo…let me tell you a little story.  Last year when I arrived I was immediately thrown into the hectic life of a music major, being a part of any and every ensemble, playing oboe or trumpet or singing wherever I was needed.  When I would get back to the dorms either briefly in the middle of the day or at the end of the day I noticed so many ministry majors just sitting around watching tv or shooting each other in video games and although these aren’t really moral areas my point is that the future ministers of the world were just laying around, inactive.  It used to make me so mad.  I know this is really a blanket comment, but at the time I felt like these people should be such prayer warriors or so involved in local ministries, yet they were often the foul mouthed and apathetic.  Yikes.  Can you say controversy?

  2. Anonymous

    Are we to understand “moral expectations” in terms of the potential for Christ to manifest himself through grace in his follower’s life?

  3. Brian, you have to admit that is a pretty gross generalization of ministry majors.  You may be confussing the concept of a ministry major with the concept of a freshman.  God asks people to go in his direction and for some people it takes a little longer.  Guys all across the bored play video games with their friends.  While some people are working their butts off, others are having community and hanging out with people.  I wouldn’t be so quick to say that working hard it necessarily better than spending time with people.

  4. yeah sometimes i think music majors are the only ones working hard anymore.. geesh.

  5. Yes, and I used the phrase “blanket comment”…besides, let us recall that I lived on a mostly Freshman floor, as well, so that needs to be factored in that they were a bunch of freshman, Wright Third ministry majors…by no means did I mean everyone…especially people like Brook who I know were working their butts off round the clock. 

  6. I appreciate you mentioning me Brian…though I did indeed ruffle some feathers with my language at times…Jesse, I’m not sure what I think at this time. I think that ministry students need to realize the importance of their moral character. I would say this is something that I have had to “grow into”. As a freshman, with a freshman maturity level, I had a different outlook on my major. Is the major to prepare people for a future of leading people in a church or church ministry? Then I think they should be held to that kind of a standard…but I’m not sure that standard is any differnt than the standard that all Christians should be held to…I’m just vomitting my thoughts at this point…

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