Are college-aged students dis-interested in attending a church?  My sense is “yes” for the following reasons: 1.) it’s early in the morning; 2.) music is not as good as campus chapel services; 3.) no felt need to connect with greater “body of Christ”; 4.) churches are not dong a good job attracting and retaining students; 5.) just like Don Miller, you don’t like institutions.



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  1. Anonymous

    Wouldn’t it be amazing if Jesus Christ was actually present at church in a different (fuller?) way than He is anywhere else?

  2. heh heh….you said “dong”

  3. Anonymous

    Now you have to dog Don Miller…Man, you are all over me this week…We need to get together…Peace

  4. Honestly… I’m not dogging anyone; just curious if students are dis-interested in church.

  5. Honestly, I think its because many college students are lazy and don’t want to get their butts out of bed… and then they use an excuse about not liking institutions, they already get there dose of corporate worship at school, or the church is so corrupt and they don’t see the need to participate.  Frankly, I think its pathetic and annoying that we as a generation complain about the condition of the church yet do nothing to change it.  To refocus the body back on Christ.  On a side not… I really enjoy Donald Miller… haha

  6. I look forward to going to church on sunday mornings!! and I also am a big fan of donald miller.

  7. I usually go to church on Sunday mornings, but not always.  I think my real ‘church’ is my floor.  We pray for each other, encourage, and share life together.  I havent found that love and encouragement by going to a church on Sunday mornings for an hour.  I guess going to church Sunday mornings has become more of a discipline than something I really enjoy and grow through….

  8. Anonymous

    I really enjoy going to church on sunday mornings.  I love sunday school.  My (used to be) home church does not have that, so that is a very different experience.  The church I go to here I love a lot more than I have ever like the church I used to attend.  Plus, I am in the choir…I really like the worship as well. It’s just a lot different than anything I have ever experienced in worshipping.  I think it is really IMPORTANT to go to church, even though you attend chapel on campus.  It’s not the same as going to a church and having a church family.  I know  a lot of people just feel like their sleep is more important than church, or they go to chapel, so they don’t have to go to church.  I find that my church is really encouraging and people genuinely care about you.  At my old church there were people who said they cared, and I know there were some who did, but for the most part, I feel like it was a cover.  I am really fortunate to have this church here, where people love and care about me and are willing to help me with things in any way they can.  Okay…enough said there.

  9. Lazy. Most college students just don’t want to get out of bed on Sunday mornings.Body of Christ. I would say that many don’t have the felt need that you speak of for being with the larger Body of Christ.Don Miller. I love Don Miller’s writing. I identify with much of what he puts on paper. At the same time, I would say that most “anti-institution” thought is just a lacking level of maturity…

  10. i’ve honestly felt like that for a while… until i started going to springwater church recently… and it just fills me up… i just think that most college students can’t find a church that honestly fills them up and meets their specific needs… if you’re not getting anything out of it… whats the point in going!?

  11. To Liz’s point… who is church for?  I’ve often found myself giving scores at the end of the service based upon my experience in church.  If I got something out of it (encouragement, good feelings, thoughtful ideas), I rated it high.  If I didn’t get something out of it (the message didn’t pertain to my current situation, didn’t like the music), I rated it low.  Recently, I have tried to take my eyes off of my experience in church and turn my attention upward regardless of my present thoughts or mood.  I don’t know what it has done but I began to think that it has to be more than my experience.

  12. Perhaps the best description of what church is for many people is “vegetables”: we all know that they are good for us but don’t always like the taste of them.

  13. My dad has always said its not what you get from church, its what you give to it.  I try and live by that.

  14. Anonymous

    I think there is something to be said church because of community. I was ready to give up on churches completely, although I still have a very low desire to work within one any longer as I was a youth ministry major…But the church in Nappanee just won me over. It was nothing flashy or “relevant”. It was great, genuine people who love incredibly. It was my pastor Ruben, truly caring to get to know me and encourage me and being honest. It was a congregation that encouraged and cared a lot about my job search. I think my best advice for students would be to go somewhere without a ton of students. Which is truly my only “beef” with Springwater. There are so many college students that it just feels like another chapel service.Getting out of our age frame is important. I was always turned off by churches that try and create College Sunday school classes. Especially in a one college town…As if the last 6 days you have lived with these people have not been enough. I think churches should provide more intergenerational classes that allow students to interact with young married couples, middle aged folk and some elderly people. I think these type of classes would help provide a richer more broad perspective to life that most people miss when they view only their peer group as having the ability to talk about things like “passionate Spirituality”…Peace

  15. Word up Dusty.  I think that intergenerational classes are the way to go. 

  16. I don’t know that Don Miller is wrong in what he has to say about the church. Not that he’s the first to say it or do it.I think that what would appeal to more college/young adults is if more churches were less of a place and more of a movement. Give us something to believe in. I know that this is as cliche as it can get, but churches reap what they sow. You want to attract more young adults, figure out what’s importan to them, then do it.This could go 2 ways, both of which I’m ok with (but I would guess others won’t be)1. Buy a bunch of lights, video projectors, loud speakers and see if they come. If it’s done right, it’ll attract a crowd. Make sure that you have “solid” Bible teaching, and people will probably come to Jesus. (See 7.22, 707, Frontline in DC)2. Do what Miller’s church does. Take people to the homeless shelter and buy them pizza. Care for the people that no one cares for do nice things for people who need to see the Love of Jesus. People will probably come to Jesus.Either way, the problem probably rests in the fact that we’ve made church a consumable product, so if people don’t like what’s available they’ll walk, forgetting that this is not a service, but instead a people.

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