Should churches try to be more attractive to college-aged students?  Is there anything that they can do to make going to church interesting?  Or if it is interesting, what is interesting about it?  Dong.



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  1. I think the main way for churches to keep college students, is making them feel welcome; talk to them, learn their names, invite them to events etc. Especially in a college town; we are loking for the comfort of what we had at our home churches. I too, am all about the intergenertaional classes! There is just an aspect that older and younger people bring to church that we don’t get every day at school.

  2. Well I think that the practice of “church” has definitely become a generational issue. Not that any generation is wrong in the way that they choose to practice but there are huge value differences. If a church wants to reach college students they need more than a nice building and a loud pastor with a nice tie (which stereotypically a boomer aged person might find appealing). We want church to reach our senses, challenge us to relinquish our values (not enforce them), and older people that are willing to befriend us. I admit that it is frustrating to cater to either side but both have so much to offer. The church I’m at right now is just learning how to balance the two age groups in the same building and it is a long process but its also encouraging to watch people willing to give a little on their preferences.

  3. Hey Jesse!  This is Krystal used to be Anderson now Owens:)  Hope all is well with you and your family!

  4. what’s your e-mail address!

  5. Do you still have the e-mail that I sent last week?

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