Kids say the funniest things.

Last night, my son Isaac and I were walking around the house singing, “I like big BOOKS and I cannot lie.  You bruthas cannot deny.”

This morning, my daughter Grace noticed a band-aid on my right shoulder and asked me what happened.  I told her that yesterday I had a Hepatitus A shot.  She responded, “When I was 2, I had a hopatitus shot.  We’re hopatitus buddies.”



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  1. Hey I know you!  We graduated together!  BTW cuteness on your duaghter!  I married Craig Smallwood and am over here near Pittsburg now.  Howdy!
    From: Susan 🙂

  2. Anonymous

    That’s funny!

  3. Awww… kids are too cute. Many eProps for your kids!!!

  4. I love your kids.  And I love that you love your kids.  It makes me look forward to being a father.

  5. Conner told me today that if we won a million dollars at McDonalds, he wanted a Dell DJ (which I have) and not an Ipod.  His reason, he knew how to work the DJ.  dong

  6. Anonymous

    i heart the brown kids.

  7. Anonymous

    hey jesse it’s kelly (beatty) black…hope & i wemt to vfcc together the fall of 97′. she drove me home alot to beaver falls, pa? anyway, well i am glad to see you on xanga and thanks for joining the alumni blog ring! hope has sent me pictures of the kids! they are so adorable!  many blaessing to you & hopie & your family!

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