Below is the remainder of the Episcopalian church sanctuary.



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  1. Hey Jesse, you are doing great stuff.  I know it is easy to say that from NJ, but I really mean it.  Totally being God’s hands extended.  Anyway, my pop is home on furlough.  They have been in Mexico city for the past few years.  He is working with a Bible School there and also works with pastors and youth pastors.  Now, they are home raising support.  They will leave again next August.  It’s been great having them home just in time for my son to be born.  God works out all those details.  That’s all for now. 
    Oh yeah, one more thing: December 9th-Narnia lives.

  2. Hey Jesse,I dont know if you remember me from last year but now im going to school at Eastern University. I have been attending Solid Rock Church here and met a guy by the name of Gary who you are pretty good friends with. Im in his impact group and he has been opening the discussion with some of the songs you sent him on a cd. I thought it was pretty crazy that he knew Huntington and you, it was cool. How are things going there? I was also wondeing if there was a way i could get the year book from last year even though i am not there now…is that even possible? well thats all for now!peace,amber sands

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