Rosa Parks died last night.  She will always be remembered as the catalyst for the Montgomery bus boycott.  By refusing to leave her seat on December 1, 1955, Mrs. Parks infused courage into millions of African-Americans who were tired of being treated as second-class citizens.  And because of the Montgomery bus boycott, the world was introduced to a young pastor named Martin Luther King, Jr.  Never before has one’s refusal to act made such an impact on individual and national attitudes about race and justice.




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  1. Your pic cracks me up.  If my memory serves me correctly, most of the pics I have of you are similar to this one.  Yes, Birmingham, Alabama.

  2. Anonymous

    Yo, yo, yo…JESSE BROWN!  Robbie Kosch here.  So you want in on the FFL.  You are next in line.  We currently have Jason Marialke, Billy Lorman, Bryan Pugner, Brian Fisher, Phil Knaur, Joel Flower, Eric Condello, and me.  Hey, we’ll be at the 10 year reunion this weekend.  Wasn’t sure if you’ll be there or not…By the way, I check my Xanga once a month so if I don’t respond right away, that’s why.  Talk 2 U later.

  3. Anonymous

    So my friend told me that if she had known all this time that Rosa Parks was alive, that in fourth grade when she did a report on her, she would have called/written her…Her as well as I never really knew she was still alive until she died.  Isn’t that sad?  Well, talk to you later.

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