Below is a link to an article remembering Rosa Parks.  The man being interviewed is George Smith.  Mr. Smith will be our Martin Luther King Commemoration Service speaker on Tuesday, January 17. 

Hope and I met with Mr. and Mrs. Smith a few weeks ago for dinner.  They both shared stories of their experience of registering black voterssin Mississippi during 1964.  They had been beaten, harassed, spent time in a jail cell with MLK and had crosses burnt in their yards.  Mr. Smith was a close friend of James Cheney who was one of the three Civil Rights workers killed in Mississippi in 1964.  The movie “Mississippi Burning” tells part of the town’s story during this experience.




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  1. I forgot you used to tease me about that!!!!!!!!!!!  I don’t have that anymore..

  2. Can you clarify? Still confused about where to respond to a comment on my site … feel like i should reply under the comment made to me on my own site.  Make sense?
    Anyway, Strength Finder … not familiar with it.  I guess I can assume that it’s a form of a personal assessment.  One that you’ve found to be pretty effective?

  3. Sounds like that will be a pretty interesting conference. 
    Also, thanks for the Rilke excerpt you left on my site.  It’s very pertinent to my particular place in life. I should hope to someday find some sort of endeavor that reasonates so wholly with who I am that it might pass the test established in this piece.  I wonder, though, whether many people could say such things as he does honestly.  And what happens if you have 5 different competing dreams, all of which have the same degree of intensity and vagueness?  I think that’s probably a rhetorical question, but heck… if you happen to know the answer, let me know. 

  4. Hey I know this is a random place to put this but I couldn’t think of any other way to get it to ya, if you could just pray for me. I’ve just been stressin’ out a lot lately for stupid stuff and makin’ things harder on myself then they should be.Sorry that I’m just askin’ you for something and we’ve barely even talked that much!thanks

  5. Tipping Point!  Awesome book!  Just finished it this week.

  6. So, then, you know what a maven is?

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