Sign up for “Hop On The Bus” for January term!  This course will be a great experience of traveling through Tennessee, Mississippi, Alabama and Georgia visiting historic Civil Rights sites and listening to the inspiring stories of those who have lived through the harassment and fear of the segregated South.  We will attend a 2000 member church of all African-Americans, tour interactive museums, visit churches active in the movement, see birth homes of key leaders, tour academic institutions (including HuntingDON College) and eat good southern cooking.  On top of all that, you can spend quality time with Dr. Norris Friesen and myself in a warmer climate.  Good experiences will be had by all.  Invite a friend!

E-mail me if you have any questions.



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  1. Goodness… that makes me wish I was still at HC/HU… what a trip!! Plus, any time spent with you and Norrie is worth it!

  2. Sweet.  We could have an alumni representative.

  3. We don’t have a new one yet.  Jack last day is this Sunday, so they are just starting to look.  Comenzo is still in Phoenixville.  He actually is working for Cardone and travels doing couples seminars.  Brian Bailey…no idea

  4. Jessie,  Brian married someone from Claymont, I think he still is there.

  5. Wow, Jesse, that picture of you is totally wicked!  You look all nice and warm and fuzzy.  Right…anyways….have a great Friday!  See ya, G-Money (aka Abby)

  6. you….you were the sound tech for Chosen 96-97…right??  Camp Hope?

  7. Or you could ROCK OUT with the BIGDOG and watch a lot of concerts!!!!

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