This isn’t a thoughtful question but, can someone tell me what a High School Guidance Counselor is supposed to do?  While walking through Garfield High School last Friday in my hometown, I began wondering about who guided me through my high school experience.  This was during the years of Nirvana and Public Enemy’s “Shut ‘Em Down”.  I totally missed out on these people.  Even while working in the office of the Guidance Counselor, I cannot tell you what Mr. Hennes did.  Other than encourage you to go to college or be the best that you can be, what else do they do?



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  1. They counseled what I should take when it came time to schedule for classes…

  2. My kids are cuter and smarter than yours!

  3. Same thing Dave and Martha do.  They counsel students in personal matters as well as give career/school advice.   They are prepared to help the students deal with crises- like a student death, a shooting at school, etc…

  4. All I know is that my high school guidance counselor looked exactly like Mr. Burns from the Simpsons, was there when my mom was in school, and was named Archie. That’s about all I know of guidance counselors.

  5. It was a bummer, because it was my 10th, I know no funny comment, I am  old

  6. my guidance counselor sent my transcripts and ACT scores in to huntington when they received a letter from HC saying i applied and didn’t send those in.. but i never applied, i was just accepted.. so he kind of secretly sent them in.. cause i knew nothing about it..

  7. i think they sell crack to the local dealers to keep the “ball” rolling in their court.  They also put porn all over the boys locker rooms/bathrooms.  If I remember correctly, they cuss, drink, hang out with loose moraled people, and take bribes.  Just so they can stay busy.
    Oh, wait, that’s the high school foot ball coaches.

  8. Hey now Jesse, I was just kidding on Josh’s sight, come on now *LOL*

  9. Now you’ve brought up a debate close to the heart…Bob’s Vs. TD’s.  I suppose it’s the same as which Water Ice you prefer…any way it goes though, the freshman know nothing of either place.  Wendy’s is their top choice.  So sad.

  10. PS.  My high school guidance counselor did a lot!  Not just guidance on which college to choose, but for those not attending college, to choose a career.  And when one of our friend’s died in a car accident they did a lot of work with the students.  Oh, and they helped plan our schedules for each year to make sure we’re taking the classes that will “help us for our future.” 
    I think the big thing our counselors did was help the “troubled students” get focus and want to graduate.  You know, the ones that would skip all the time or were almost failing classes.  Maybe you were one of the “on point” students so you didn’t need to use them as much???

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