My daughter, Grace, just received notice from her pre-school that she passed her hearing test.  I told her, “Great job on passing your hearing test.”  She replied, “What?”



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  1. Jesse, I forgot how hysterical you were, I love reading your posts.

  2. We are moving 2 hours up north to start Michigan District A/G first HH, youth alive seven project ministry team, we are pretty excited now if we could sell our house, I would be alot happier.  Then in a few years we are going to go work with Josh, Rach, Dave and Carrie (that is wishful thinking yet maybe phrophetic *L*)  You actually work at the college that my home church when I was a child promoted and all the kids went too.  Pretty cool!!!!!

  3. Sounds like something you would have done as a child

  4. Congrats on your daughter.  We are enjoying telling people that Jeremiah was expelled from preschool last week.  It’s only that good-ole Michigan is rather slow in getting us the immunization record … but, sounds a lot better saying that he was expelled.

  5. Anonymous

    can never get enough of the brown kids!!  ❤ you guys!
    xo brit

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