Speaking of lazy… sometimes Hope very kindly wonders out loud about when I will put my nicely folded clothes from the basket into my dresser.  They tend to spill out onto one of two chairs or simply remain in the basket that brought them up to our room.  She knows that if she would put them away for me then I would NEVER put them away again.  But alas, I now have a reason for keeping my clothes in the baskets from now on: in the event of an emergency, I can simply throw the entire basket out of the window.  Think of all of the time that I would waste if I had to throw each drawer out of the window (if they would even fit).



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  1. SO basically you have the perfect picture on your xanga….LAZY!!!!!

  2. Anonymous

    Lazy, I think it is pure brilliance! You keep that basket thing going…It makes me feel better about not even folding my clothes!Of course I am hopelessly single, so go with your gut…Peace

  3. I knew that I could count on you Dustin.

  4. Wow so it isn’t just my husband *L*

  5. I do the same thing when I am at home. It’s not often that anything ever actually makes it into the dresser – I just get my clothes out of the laundry basket. Mainly because those are the clothes that I like. If something has actually been around long enough to make it into my dresser, then it’s probably because I don’t really like to wear it.
    It’s good to know that I’m not the only one who does this.

  6. Now that looks more like you *LOL* Actually it reminds me of my sons drawings so I am assuming it is one of yours *L*

  7. Jesse, your entries make me laugh…

  8. Anonymous

    Slightly in my defense, I don’t have a dresser at the house I live in now, but when I had really nice one at the college, I still never did it…Accept for the way Laffy did it…the crap I should just give away sits in my dresser…Oh silly AmericansPeaceDusty

  9. Um…I just don’t change my clothes.
    Same hoody, same jeans, same smelly Brian.
    In fact the kids back at home used to sing a little song, “Smelly boy, smelly boy, why are you so smelly?”

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