What are you reading?  My sister is going to buy me a book for Christmas and I would like some suggestions to give to her.  Any help out there?



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  1. Are you there God, it’s me, Margaret?

  2. Bringing up Boys by Dr. Dobson  “EXCELLENT!!!!!!!!!!!”

  3. I recommend “Their’s is the Kingdom: Celebrating the Gospel in Urban America” by Robert Lupton. Very challenging to our values and inspiring at the same time.

  4. The Kite Runner by: Khaled Hosseini

  5. Les Miserables….anabridged.

  6. Good to Great by: Jim Collins*my pastor is reading it and he said it’s a great book to read

  7. Jesse you are too much!!!!!  No that is not where his hand was at.  Hey I really think you should check out “Are you there God it’s me Margaret”….but it is only fun if you are a 13 year old girl

  8. The Elegant Universe!!!  It’s SOOOoooooooooo good!  :o)

    Have a great day!  And, I hope you thoroughly enjoy whatever book you get to read!

  9. More Ready Than You Realize, by Brian D. McLarenClaude Valdes has highly recommended (& read about 4x), Uprising, by Erwin McManus

  10. Anonymous

    Abba’s child by Brennan Manning

  11. Another realy great book is The Pleasure of Finding Things Out.  I think it’s by Richard Feynman.  Even if you don’t like finding things out, it is a very interesting and often humorous book.  It’s also written in a manner such that most normal human beings can understand it.  :o)  The Elegant Universe can be a bit of a challenge at times….
    And maybe your kids will turn out to be super curious like Feynman… :o)

  12. Hey Jesse……it’s a good one, I promise.  Basically Lupton has spent the latter part of his life living in the inner-city of Atlanta.  He writes each chapter independently of the others and each is a story about how his values have been challenged and how he has failed and learned how to love.  When I worked for YouthWorks they wanted us to read it to develop a passion for those we were serving.  It did its job well.  Here are a few exerpts for you to maul over……
    “This picture still burns in my mind.  It is a haunting reminder of the energy I spend avoiding the cost of loving others.  I establish an emergency relief fund instead of inviting hungry families to sit at my table.  I develop a housing program to avoid the turmoil of displaced families living in my home.  I create unemployment projects that distance me from the aggravation of working with undisciplined people.  As a counselor I maintain some detachment with a fifty-five minute hour and an emphasis on client self-responsibility.  And even as I share the gospel with the needy, I secretly hope that God will handle their problems.”
     ” I suspect, however, that when all is said and done the convincing, life-changing power of the kingdom will be experienced right where the Teacher said it would be — where the lives of his diverse followers are laid down for each other.  Perhaps the world will catch glimpses of his reality when:                                         – his efficient ones are inconvenienced by the slow;                   – the bright ones lavish their valuable time and talents                    on the ignorant;                   – those who have much sacrifice for those who do not                    have enough;                   – those who normally separate from each other on the                   basis of IQ, skin tone, age, or earnings place their lives                    together intentionally, inseperably, for the sake of their                    Teacher.”

  13. what are you talking about yell all the time, I am confused???  LOL means laughing out loud

  14. Right now I’m reading two books, “Democracy in America” by Alexis de Tocqueville and “The Deluxe Post Election-Edition-Bushisms:The First Term in His Own Special Words”, Edited by Jacob Weisberg [And of course the Bible is always a good selection =) ]

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