Thoughts on sin and temptation:

Struggling with sin is inevitable; there will never come a time that sin and temptation will not seek to direct my path.  All of creation is groaning (Romans 8).  Being tempted to sin is inevitable but there is a difference between being tempted to sin and yielding to temptation.  Temptation can occur which does not lead to sin.


Temptation often leads to feelings of discouragement.  But discouragement is not an accurate indicator of God’s working in my life (I often forget this).  Temptation is a form of suffering that we endure in this life.  Because it is suffering, it can be redeemed by God for his glory, to bring about transformation and to draw us closer to God.


God wants to empower us to be victorious over sin and temptation in our lives.  I often do not notice times that I have had victory over sin in my life until I reflect on the past.  My best analogy of living victoriously over sin is a pitcher who is throwing a no-hitter but either does not realize it or does not let this knowledge alter his game plan.  Only Jesus has ever pitched a perfect game.  We all give up homeruns and occasionally hit a batter but that doesn’t mean that we are going to be taken out of the game.


Transformation of the heart and mind will be both the cause and result of a life that is victorious over sin.  When this happens, we are more inclined to act instinctively like Jesus.  God is faithful: he is more interested in my transformation than I am.



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  1. Anonymous

    How literal do you want to take Scripture?Peace

  2. Anonymous

    Perhaps, we aren’t very good Christians…Peace

  3. You are too funny Jesse….Hey do you want to be a youth pastor (JK)

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