We received two $50 bills today through campus mail.  It was an anonymous gift.



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  1. Anonymous

    those are for methanksDusty

  2. I do believe that those were for me (not dusty).

  3. That happen to us too!!!!! $400.00  God is good!

  4. Hey Jesse, I think Hope left a comment on my site, logged in as you.  Either that or you have taken to refering to yourself in the 3rd person.  Mike wants to know.
    We gotta do lunch next week.

  5. We took route 70 straight through.. wow, what a trip… very flat and lots of corn fields. Did I go near you guys?

  6. no i haven’t been able to read any of the other narnia books yet. i just wanted to get that one in before the movie came out.

  7. Just sold my old house this week … what a blessing!
    Is is possible that the title of the book is, Now, Discover Your Strengths?  I found that on amazon and want to place the order if that’s right.  If so, might be why I didn’t find it at Barnes.
    You and the fam doing well?

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