Speaking of items that people cannot live without, whoever invented the hot dog (or “tube-steak” for those on the other side of the tracks) was an absolutely brilliant person.  Think of this: How many children would not eat any food at all if it weren’t for the hot dog?  Aside from the nutritional value of the hot dog, it is also an easy word to say as a child; two syllables, both consisting of words that already exist in a child’s vocabulary.  My children are brilliant but they still have a difficult time with pronouncing their other two favorite foods: spaghetti and macaroni.  Good thing we have hot dogs!



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  1. Profound. You never cease to amaze me. I hope that you have a wonderful break!

  2. That is very true about the hot dog, when all else fails give em hot dogs *L*   Your house is nice too by the way.

  3. Just wait. It gets better than hot dogs. Conner can cook for himself….Corn Dog.  A step up from Hot Dog.  35 seconds in the microwave.  Self sufficiency comes early.

  4. I look forward to the day when they can cook for themselves.
    My kids have steadily rejected the Corn Dog.  I am uncertain as to why they so fiercely oppose them but, then again, I have some strange food tendencies as well.

  5. Conner prefered Hot Dogs over Corn Dogs for the longest time.  But then he reached the age of corn-ibility and all is better now.

  6. NICE.  What was the tranformational experience like?

  7. “I need a hot dog”… need I say more?

  8. Not really sure.  I think it happened at daycare or school though, because one day he came home wanting Corn Dogs.  I’m working on Easy-Mac with him these days.  A little more complicated than nuking a corndog.

  9. as a matter fo fact i am a graduate of the forge =)  i came in the same year as hope. you will have to send my hellos to her.  thnaks for poppin in–your kids are adorable!

  10. Anonymous

    I am still here. Things have just been crazy. I have been helping my mom with the girls Christmas presents. I have been over there a lot lately.

  11. well no gangs, but ALOT of drugs…….Not so sleepy anymore?

  12. I think you are writing, while I am writing….Not above a coffee shop, just a couple doors down….VERY GOOD

  13. I am going to kill you!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  14. YOU ARE MEAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  15. I was just wondering if he ever got beat up.  That’s all.  Believe me!  I’ve heard them all: Uncle Jesse, Messy Jesse, Jesse Brown he’s a Clown.  I still carry scars too deep for words that describe the emotional toil that I experienced until I was about 19 years old because of my name.

  16. LOL…………that is all I have to say about you

  17. LOL!  Jess, I have a friend.  His name is Jesus.  He wants to heal your wounds!

  18. “New Castle… I always knew that there were gangs there.  Stinkin’ hooligans!  The Bloods and the Crips have taken over Sleepyville.”

  19. It will take a miracle (not Maracle) to recover from the deep, cutting words of 7th grade.  My favorite quote about school is, “It is always February in the 7th grade.”  Nothing could be more true than the February chill that I still feel in my heart.  I will probably need a 14th conversion experience.

  20. I have never heard that quote… but it is so true!  Speaking of Maracle… what’s the word on Timmy?

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