For the record, Rainchildren was the greatest band… ever.  Long live the 90’s!



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  1. LOL!  I miss the Rainchildren!

  2. I refuse to comment on your thing anymore because the only one you write to Shush

  3. and obviously Sara now too……………….. *L*

  4. No you aren’t Cheri.  I respond to anyone who writes on my page.

  5. AAHH, whatever happened to the Rainchildren??????????????????

  6. I loved the Rainchildren and the Somethings.  Last I heard they were all married and the band broke up.  Someone said Marty got offered to be signed but wouldn’t do it without his band?  I don’t know, but they were very talented. 

  7. Oh yeah, we saw Aaron Gagne at Sight and Sound in Lancaster.  He works there and he said they all live in the Lancaster and surrounding area, except for Dennis and Amanda.  “I’ve seen sun and rain in the same day.  I’ve heard truth and lies from the same lips..But all I can say…  ”             

  8. alright I am confused *L* I thought you didn’t like people responding on your page but on their own *L*  Anyway as for vocation, Jason and I are both doing the 7 Institute with the 7 project but I am pretty much the mommy but you probablyl understand that having 3 kids of your own unless Hope works outside the home too in that case she is THE WOMEN!!!!!!!

  9. The idea is to respond on the very page that the comment (you are responding to) is on.  So I will not comment on your page to what you have written on my page.
    What is Project 7? 
    Mothering three children is no easy task.  Hope works outside of the home only 12 hours a week.  We’ve determined that that is a fair amount of time but not so much that she is more stressed out.  Fortunately, she has a great part-time job with Youth For Christ that pays well.

  10. What does Hope do for Youth for Christ and WHY can’t I picture her in my head???

  11. O………….K………… I get it now *L*  Wow she is the WOMEN then, with 2 boys I have enough to handle but one is in school now so it isn’t too bad.  It is the 7 project and it is basically working with Youth Alive in the high schools but they wanted us to start a school to be the main team that goes in there since Holy Hands was doing it all the time anyway.  So that is why it will the 7 Institute instead HH Institute so we can stick with the theme and high school students know what the 7 project means.  Michigan uses Reggie Dabbs at times and other speakers so we will use them also then the team will just do what they ask them at that time.

  12. Anonymous

    i agree :o) merry christmas to you jesse!

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