It was a nice visit home with family for Christmas weekend.  As usual, my children received an enormous amount of gifts: clothes, dolls, slippers, bed sheets, candy, stuffed animals, 2 swords, 3 guns and a crossbow.  It wouldn’t be Christmas without weapons. 

All of these items, then, needed to be stuffed into our car for the drive home.  Thankfully I drive a Dodge Stratus and I am the son of my father which means that I have the ability to pack an large amount of packages and bags into a trunk of car. 



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  1. Bring some of those weapons to the DC and I’ll make sure they’re put to good use…

  2. Anonymous

    Norrie has had no effect on you…

    If your or my house is ever attacked, we’ll be able to fend off the bad guys.  No “you’ll shoot your eyes out” for us!

  4. That sounds like when Jason, Teri and the boys come to visit.  Jason actually hates that they get toys with like 1000 parts to them

  5. Hmmm…..I think that you are right…It just wouldn’t be christmas without weapons.

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