Is it me or is an open dishwasher a magnet for toddlers?  As soon as the dishwasher opens, Eden (who is 1 year old) makes a bee line to the dishwasher.  She begins with the knives and moves onto the plates.  It is especially difficult to defend against her tiny hands when we are loading the dishwasher because our hands are covered in debris.  We are left to using one leg but often have to call for back-up if she is especially sneaky.



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  1. Anonymous

    Speaking of open dishwashers … let’s call for a Jays v. Indians Al Championship series. We can be friends until then as the Jays hope to take out the AL Powerhouses (aka Yankees and Red Sox)

  2. Anonymous

    My children have been known to use the dishwasher’s open door as a step ladder. Now that I don’t have children who want to get in the dishwasher they have been replaced witht the dog. She just grabs a spatula and runs.

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