A sad day.  A good friend, Andy, from a nearby college is going to be moving to the north of St. Paul, Minn.  The move will get their family closer to his wife’s parents.

It is not easy to make friends.  In college, it was so much easier to meet and get connected with people.  Now it is different.  Since living in Indiana, Hope and I have struggled to make new friends.  Going on seven years, I have made very few good friends (two to be exact) that weren’t students or people that I work with.  Now one of them is moving away.  I have certainly appreciated his conversations and friendship.



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  1. Hey, you always have the BIGDOG….that could count for 2 friends right there.

  2. Yes! I remember Frank making me shave.  Remember he pulled the razor out of the back of a drawer and it was rusty!  They had no shaving cream so I had to use soap and they wouldn’t let me use a room bathroom I had to go into the back bathroom where the water had an automatic shut off so it nevevr even got warm!  I then got talked to about the blood on my collar!  Ahh, those were the days. 
    I actually think of you often because I stole your “that is unlucky” line you used to use.  Everytime I say it and someone laughs or looks at me as though it is the first time they’ve heard it – I think of you.

  3. So true… I have a solid core group of friends right now that I anticipate moving away from in about 9  months… There is so much history… and so little that has to be explained with them…  Kindred spirits aren’t so easy to find sometimes…

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