Today we finally were able to meet someone. Mr. and Mrs. Robert Graetz were in the Rosa Parks Museum in Montgomery, AL. The Graetz’s were white pastors of a predominately black church in Montgomery, AL during the Bus Boycott. These individuals were very courageous because many whites hated other white people who supported blacks more than they hated black people. White racists felt that white supporters had betrayed their own race by helping blacks in the fight for desegregation. Norrie and I were able to talk to them for a few minutes as they waited for a group of Samford College students to arrive at the museum. Hopefully we’ll be able to bring them to campus to share some of their stories in Chapel. He has one book out currently called “A White Preacher’s Memoir” and another book soon to be published called “A White Preacher’s Message: Race and Reconciliation.” I have his first book and look forward to the publishing of the second one.

Tonight we sleep in Atlanta, GA where the King Center is located. We ate dinner at the Marietta Diner and I do not suggest going to; it smelled like a diner.

About the post from the night before… I made contact with the Southern Poverty Law Center to find more information about the death of Jessie Brown. It was powerful to see someone with the same name on a wall of martyrs for civil rights. Imagine seeing your name on a gravestone but even more throught-provoking.



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  1. Dude?  Eats on Ponce.  You will not be sorry.

  2. Norrie couldn’t find it in the phonebook. I’ll look and we’ll eat there tomorrow night for the playoffs.

  3. Its on Ponce de Leon.  Get on Ponce…head east.  It will be on the left just across the street from the old sears warehouse which is now city offices.
    If you can’t find it, go to little 5 points (my old theatre is there…7 stages) and eat at either the vortex (burger) or the jamaican place (can’t remember the name….but it is gooooooood)

  4. Eats – 600 Ponce de Leon Ave. – 404.888.9149

  5. Midtown slacker favorite specializes in inexpensive, flavorful meals.
    Editorial Rating: Recommended
    The SceneThis bare-bones, cafeteria-style restaurant draws a crowd of diverse in-towners with its economy dining. Counter service is fast and furious; dishes are prepared while you wait and handed over on plastic trays. Despite this joint’s popularity, tables aren’t hard to come by in the large space. Ambience is low-key and the furniture smacks of a college dorm.The FoodThe food is as straightforward as its delivery. Counter one offers fresh, semi-made-to-order pasta, including spinach tortellini and a bold-flavored pesto, served with vegetables and meats (try the perfectly steamed broccoli and Italian sausage). Counter two offers a smoky, well-seasoned jerk chicken, served with vegetables or black beans and rice. Choose from a selection of beers, including the pungent, alcohol-free Jamaican ginger beer, or a crisp, brewed iced tea. Finish with a rich, moist brownie.

  6. Eats does not accept credit cards, so make sure you have cash on hand.

  7. What’s wrong with a diner that smells like a diner?
    Are you using any of John Lewis’s book in your jterm? That was worth reading. On a completely unrelated, irrelevant point, there’s an actor who looks just like you in Laurence Olivier’s 1944 movie Henry V.

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