Sorry Mike. We had to go to dinner where they accepted credit cards. We have run out of cash.

Today we were in Atlanta and visited the King Center, MLK’s childhood home and Ebenezer Baptist Church (MLK’s boyhood church and where he was Assistant Pastor later in life). During a service at Ebenezer Baptist, three women shared some of their personal stories about Dr. King. The best stories came from Miss Dora McDonald, King’s personal secretary from 1960 until his death. She answered his phone, typed and returned letters, scheduled appointments and defended his privacy from unwanted guests.

One memory she shared took place in a Southern Christian Leadership Conference staff training session. The SCLC was a coalition of civil rights organizations that King was the president of. During this session, some of members of SCLC were riding Miss McDonald because they had never seen her participate in a mass march or be sent to jail for her activities to support civil rights. Most of the other men and women had been beaten, jailed and marched more miles than they could remember but Miss McDonald had never done any of these. Dr. King had overheard the conversation and came to Miss McDonald’s defense, “Miss McDonald is not expected to march or go to jail on behalf of the movement. Her job is manage my office and watch over my family… so that I can march and go to jail.”

Miss McDonald had always remembered Dr. King’s defense of her role in SCLC and still considered it her responsibility to look after King’s family in his absense.



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  1. Your life will never be complete.  Maybe sometime in the future, you can experience the full glory of Eats.  Where did you go instead?

  2. Good story. Will ya’ll be back for MLK here? I might post something on the Pilgrim Baptist Church fire.
    As for the Dylan question, did you know he boxes informally? Best story about that: Gina Gershon (the actor) cleaned his clock. I’d bet he was done on the Death Match, and he probably got creamed, but he wouldn’t have been a wuss.

  3. What a great experience, Jesse.  Glad to see that you’ve had that opportunity.
    Sorry I never got back to you about, well, I’m assuming you were talking about Battaglia.  Wonder what he’s up to.  To this day, I still picture him with yellow eyes and skin and weakened from his 40 day fast he did that semester.  Anyway, still working through my forgiveness of him.
    Talk to you soon.

  4. *L* are you a colts fan *L*  I actually watched only the last 2 minutes of the game *L*  But I figured I better start, the superbowl is held like 10 minutes from my house *L*

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