I’m trying out iTunes for the first time.  Two observations: 1.) It took 2 hours to download; 2.) I haven’t listened to anyone’s music because their playlist has already been listened to 5x’s or their songs require a password that I do not know.

First day’s commentary about iTunes: 1.) Crap; 2.) Crap.

I’d show you who I am listening to currently but it is only the sound the keyboard tapping. 



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  1. The reason it took two hours to download is because of the schools small bandwith to the internet. That isn’t a iTunes things. Your second observation is hard to get around. You almost have to find people you know who have cool music, and have them put a password on thier music access that they can tell you. That way only people who have a password can listen to the music, and a gajillion people don’t take up the 5x a day rule. iTunes isn’t bad, you just have to give it a little loving and you will find you like it! 🙂 Have a good one jesse!

  2. you can listen to my music….all i have is crap….peace man.

  3. A friend told me that they had a little blurb about it in Entertainment Weekly.  They plan on releasing Prince Caspian in 2007.

  4. Anonymous

    Ya, I believe the 5 in one day thing is something to do with the way the school has it set up, because I don’t think that is the case at BSU, but I could be wrong.
    In short ITunes is a good program, just the school’s limitations make it crap…and the fact that no one has the rainchildren…

  5. Hey!  You don’t know me, I’m a friend of Teri and Sherri’s. 
    I Tunes player works great!  It’s built well for I Pods.  It’s so great that you can buy any song for 99 cents!

  6. Your kids are little Jesse’s…..

  7. Anonymous

    great to hear from you. your family is so beautiful! miss you guys. we actually were going to jake marshall’s church but it’s quite a drive, so we are members at the church brian got saved in. give your kids hugs for me.

  8. Anonymous

    hey, this is mark … hopefully with the info concerning the school’s internet restrictions i gave you, you will be able to enjoy it more now.

  9. Hey Jesse…
    We actually got an iPod for Christmas… Brandon and I had stored all of our music on iTunes previously and have been really happy with it. Brandon can get to others playlists at the law school library as a wireless user by choosing the option under preferences. He thinks that the Huntington network is either too big or too protected.
    Personally, the coolest thing to me is that you can find any song on iTunes by doing a power search (located on the left side of the iTunes screen) and listen to 30 seconds of it as well as purchase most CD’s for only 9.99. Not too shabby!
    If you need any help with it (I’m sure HU has an abundance of users though!) Just let us know. Brandon’s super legal about all the piracy laws as well if you have any concerns!!
    Hope it gets easier for you and you come to enjoy it!

  10. Didn’t you learn anything from hopes blog about using the word crap?!  lol……  You know these things come with instructions!   🙂

  11. Jesse…
    2 things.
    1) great to hear from you, you guys look like you’re doing great. the kids are so stinkin cute.
    2) hahahahahaha we stole another one of your best players… Welcome to Boston Coco… Long live the Red Sox!
    peace. brian

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