There is a 4th baby on the way in the Brown house.  We are very excited.  We do not know what gender the baby is but we do know that it will be born in mid to late September. 

Throughout the past week, we’ve been asked many questions; many of them are very strange if you think about them:

Was it planned?  This is a very strange question to be asked.  If I respond with “Yes” does that mean that we were “trying” to have a baby (and we all know what that means)?  If I respond with “No” does that mean that the baby was a surprise (in a negative sort of way)?  All I respond with is, “We are excited.”  Are you done now?  Which really means, “Are one of you going to have ‘the surgery’?”  How can this question really be answered; especially when it is asked outside of the church nursery?  Do you want a boy or girl?  It does not matter.  We do not feel that we need a boy to achieve gender equity.  Nor do we feel that 3 girls are too many.  For an infant, does gender really matter outside of clothing colors?  We just hope that baby is healthy.

Please don’t ask any of the above questions unless you really know the couple.  In that case, you probably don’t need to ask the questions because you probably know the answers.

Bottom line: we are having a 4th child and I am so excited that it prevents me from sleeping at times.  Be happy for us because you should be!



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  1. Jess ~  I am so happy for you and Hope!  And absolutely agree that the questions are assinine… How’s this for a ridiculous question… In reference to marriage… or the lack thereof in my life… someone asked me if it was hard for me to go to bridal showers! 

  2. Hey Congrats, and yes being a parent myself I hate those questions especially the were you trying, I mean come on don’t you take that chance everytime *LOL*  anyway congrats and you seem like awesome parents anyway (especially your wife I love reading her stories she writes on here *L*).

  3. WOO HOO! More kids for me to play with! This is a very exciting moment! Congrats guys!

  4. snippy snippy snippy snippy

  5. Congrats! I am excited to see another beautiful Brown baby!!

  6. Anonymous

    SHUT UP! Freakin’ awesome baby machine you are! and I love you for it….!

  7. Congrats!!!  So exciting!  Keeping you and your family in my prayers… :o)

  8. Awesome news!  We”l be praying for you to receive a nice big mini-van.  They really are happening you know.

  9. awwww….congratulations.  That’s so exciting. 

  10. People ask goofy questions because they don’t know what else to say. It can be even worse for some other life events. But in any case, single guy though I am, I like holding babies, even when they spit up, pee, or poo on me (as I’ve had all of those happen to me). Congratulations!!!!

  11. did you plan it? do you want a boy? are you done? . . .come on I know you well enough don’t I, don’t I, don’t I. . . ANSWER MY QUESTIONS!!!  We shared shaving insight, a soccer team, building 91, VFCC, I knew your wife before she was your wife – I am an insider!  Oh wait, I don’t want to know any of those things and promise never to ask if you promise not to ask when we’ll start or why we haven’t or . . .you get the drift.  Congrats!!

  12. Congrats…I would try and have it on September 12th, I hear that’s a pretty good day.

  13. Congratulations but my kids are still cuter than yours!

  14. Jesse, U R DA MAN.Congratulations. tell hope I said congrats.

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