In less that 15 days, Major League Baseball players will begin to converge on small cities in Florida and Arizona where they will spend sun-drenched days being overpaid to play a children’s game.  The beginning of spring training should be considered a national holiday.  Four of my favorite words are “Pitchers and catchers report.”  At this point in the year, hope springs eternal; every team has a chance to win the World Series.  Granted that some teams have a greater chance than others but you can’t help but hope that “this year will be the year.” 

The best parts are the rumors and predictions.  Will the Blue Jays finally be able to finish above 3rd place in the AL East?  Is it possible that the White Sox pitching staff could actually be better than they were last year?  Hopefully not.  How will New York treat Boston defector Johnny Damon?  Can Ryan Howard replace Jim Thome?  Will the Mets finish above .500 with their gigantic payroll?  Will Barry Bonds hit 10+ homeruns to pass the Babe on the all-time homerun list?

Soon we will be finished with the Major League Baseball off-season.  You may refer to it as “Football Season” or “Basketball Season.”  That’s nice of you (insert pat on the head here).  But no game compares to baseball.



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  1. Anonymous

    I’m predicting a 2nd place finish for the Jays behind the Yankees … and hopefully that turns into a Wild Card spot.

  2. Sports seasons in general… have no meaning in my life… the new season of 24… the on-going season of the Gilmore Girls… spring fashions… my fall wardrobe… all have significant meaning in my life… Baseball is an interesting sport… Men hit a ball with a stick and then proceed to run around in circles chasing each other with the ball that was hit…  Stadium hot dogs are GREAT! (I need a hot dog!)  The Phillies will probably stink… they usually do 🙂

  3. I think this year will be the Cubs year and if not maybe the next year

  4. Anonymous

    Yes and Yes…it can not come soon enough…I can’t wait for the Sox to win it all again!!

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