We have an indoor / outdoor track  team at HU.  The greatest benefit of having a track team is the pole-vault pit.  This area is about 400 sq. ft. of  thick foam which makes for a great wrestling mat.  Today, it was put to good use because my patience had worn thin as tissue paper.  Flips.  Tackles.  Take-downs.  More flips.  Pony rides.  Static electricity which causes thin, blond hair to stick up on end.  And no tears.  The kids had fun too.



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  1. Anonymous

    I have about 4 little people I need to bring to that pit.

  2. Hey–great catching up with you last week.  What do you say we make it a regular part of our higher education networking, eh? 🙂  Conference calls for the good of the institutions, no?

  3. I’m glad you didn’t cry!  Just kidding……  Wish I had a play area like that.

  4. LOL!  Glad to hear that the kids had fun too!!!!!

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