As exciting as Spring Training is, nothing compares to the excitement of completing your taxes.  On the 6th day, God completed his taxes.



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  1. Hopefully.  Turbo Tax is quite easy.

  2. And on the Seventh Day, God spend his refund.

  3. Alright, the question that separates scrupulous from the rest: On your Indiana taxes, did you add tax from all your online purchases?
    Peace of mind managed to lighten my wallet twice on that one.

  4. On the sixth day… Sara paid someone to do her taxes for her!!!  It’s just more than a single girl wants to think about… $$$ (or the organization of it at least) is, to this girl, boy stuff… And since I take out my own trash (well okay… my roommates boyfriends take it out a lot) and maintain my own car (oil change WAY over due)… I pay someone (a really cheap price) to do my taxes and get me BIG refunds…
    I have, however, heard that turbo tax is great!

  5. Anonymous

    Amen, brother. I highly recomend an online service called tax-slayer. We filed federal and state for only $9.95. I don’t know how well this works for other people who have to claim a lot of different things but for us it’s awesome. We have used it for the past couple of years and we get the money deposited into our account in ten days or less. What a difference from the days of slaving over tax forms.

  6. Turbo Tax is not intimidating fortunately.  If I could do it, anyone could do it.  The best part is the direct deposit as well. 
    Jack, I did not submit online purchase taxes for the Indiana return.  I didn’t know you could do so. 

  7. We did our taxes yesterday with TaxCut.  It feels so good to have it done. 

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