Good thing that God did not call me to become a professional ice-skater or ice-dancer.  Those outfits just look too drafty for me.  The sequins would be itchy as well.  I wouldn’t be able to skate / dance (not that I can anyway) because I would be shivering and scratching too much.  But perhaps shivering could be my style of expression: bounce around the rink like a jack-hammer.

On a different note: Fantasy Baseball begins next Sunday with our league’s live draft.  There are a few folks from Huntington vs. a large group from Eastern University.

Lastly, Josh C. just took StrengthFinders.  I would suggest that all of my Valley Forge friends buy the book and take the test.  It is very informative as an individual and as a member of a team.  It is very much worth your investment.  I’ll even translate it for you if you are interested because I’m somewhat of a StrenghtsFinder geek.



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  1. Hey Jesse….not only are you a strengthfinder geek, you’re also a “salesman” of Tipping Point proportions….there you go, highly recommending something you like…….

  2. I love that kind of stuff… I’m compelled to get the book!  I’ll let you know after I get and complete the assessment… I’m curious to see how my strengths play out in my current profession…

  3. I think you wold look rather silly in those outfits myself *LOL*  just kidding I just flipped through an episode of project runway and they had to make those outfits and the guys actually had them on, very very peculiar *L*

  4. I would like to see a picture of you in one of those outfits there Jesse

  5. Anonymous

    You are so informative. As far as the outfits go perhaps a little too informative:)

  6. I could see you in disney on ice. No, no I can’t. I’m lying. LOL……   Say hello to the family. Hugs for all!

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