I’ve been given the opportunity to speak in Chapel on Tuesday, April 4th.  Does anyone have a suggestion for a topic?



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  1. Anonymous

    Gossip and Rumours … kinda like what joel brought up

  2. I agree… “the grapevine” is getting a little out of control.

  3. Anonymous

    I have to say my personal favorite….. Faith.

  4. how about living simply -i.e. finding a balance between poverty/asceticism and materialism/love of money

  5. Anonymous

    hmmm….yeah I like what we already talked about, gossip and accountability

    or how the indians should have kept coco crisp

  6. String Theory!!!!!!   :o)

  7. A reminder of the Biblical mandate of Social Justice/Action…

  8. I’m trying to think of my favorite chapels…. I always super enjoyed Dave Grecco… but can’t remember any of his topics 🙂  I’ll be curious to hear the topic that you select!

  9. What kind of job description do you need…….It is a youth pastor position. 

  10. About how much this campus misses Josh Miller
    or how to produce beautiful children….

  11. John just did a series on sex and dating.  He called it Stupid Cupid.  🙂

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