Tomorrow night the X-Treme Team will be at church.  These are guys who wear coordinating outfits and smash stuff to classic Christian rock-n-roll then give an altar call.  What better way to spend Ash Wednesday than sitting in the front row for this spectacle?!? 

We’ll be taking Isaac and Grace.  Isaac is x-tremely x-cited about going.  We are thinking of putting him in his Fantastic Four Thing costume with the padded muscles.  Can you imagine the ideas that are going to be put into Isaac’s little head?  “I can rip the phone book in half.”  “I can smash a board over my sister’s head.”  I can run through that wall over there.”  “I can grow a mullet.”  “I want to listen to Petra’s ‘This Means War.'”  He is going to be so juiced up that we’re going to have to install wrestling pads in his room to keep him from breaking stuff.



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  1. ha i saw those guys once…….

  2. Anonymous

    Is that like the Power Team? -Isaac is very lucky to have a dad who can think about those things before they even occur. I am sure between you and Hope he will be instrucuted properly on what he can and cannot do. If not we all will be pitching in on the wrestling mats.

  3. Wow–I’ve been listening to Petraphonics lately (much to the chagrin of my friends who are a few years younger than I…).  It’s all those old slow Petra songs (I have a thankful heart….I am available….More Power to Ya…etc).  Good stuff 🙂  Kudos on the electric vibraphone keyboarding, Greg X. Voltz.  Kudos.

  4. Sweet.  I love to watch the irony in boys as their instincts instruct them to “manhandle” a situation and their moms cringe with question.  This is going to be good viewing pleasure to see what he does with the xtreme lessons.

  5. Wow… of all of the above… the most dangerous to me is the thought going into Isaac’s little head that… MULLETS are acceptable!!!!

  6. That’s hillarious!  I was in Hampton Masters Commission and traveled around with RYI (similar to the Xtreme Team minus the classic Christian music I guess) and some of the kids that would attend would crack me up.  It’s crucial at the end to make sure they don’t think they can break then all-ready broken bricks with their head!

  7. Put issac in the costume and tell him his dream to be a builder can come true. teach him the arnold schwartzenager voice!!!  He’ll be a body builder!!!  SO CUTE!!!!

  8. i’ve seen pictures of jesse that make me believe isaac isn’t the only one who thinks mullets are acceptable…anyway, the idea of x-teams on ash wednesday just about put me on the ground laughing. did they do some sweet ash tricks?

  9. I can’t wait to hear how  and Isaac and Gracie Girl Liked their big night out with Mom and Dad and the X-men, or was that the X-Team? I know that these guys and others like them have a big impact on people that ae bored with conventional churchianity. You and Hope are doing a great job with the kids.
                                                 Love ya ,

  10. sounds like a good time. wish I had known in advance so my Ash Wednesday could have been spent with these guys. sarcasm? no. but if it were–it’s only a defense for how injusticed I feel.

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