The X-Treme Team have come and gone.  The total list of items destroyed / broken / ripped: 6-pack of Sprite, 7 phonebooks, 6 iron bars, about 50 bricks, one frying pan, and 7 boards all to the gyrating sounds of electronica. 

The 6-pack was interesting because I had never seen someone smash a filled, un-open can of pop.  I’m going to try it at our next church picnic.  The brick-smashing was sort of impressive.  I say sort of because Josh M. and I have broken bricks before and the only X-Treme characteristic I have is good-looks.  Therefore, it wouldn’t make sense for me to break bricks with my face like one guy did. 

All in all, it was an OK evening because the Team was a lot of things; especially long-winded.  Chalk this one up as having greater anticipation that experience. 



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  1. I thought you might list the things destroyed by Isaac afterwards.

  2. … or the mullet that he is now dying to grow!
    My 5 year old nephew wanted his hair cut just like his step-dads… which was a buzz (Bob is a prison guard)… After AJ’s hair was buzzed he was still sad because his hair wasn’t just like Bob’s… I probed a little to find out exactly what AJ wanted… He put his hands on either side of his forehead at the start of his hair line and said, “I wanted them to shave the hair HERE like Bob’s”… I fell on the floor laughing… what my nephew wanted was a hair cut resembling male pattern baldness… aka – Bob’s receeding hair line…
    Kids and hair… it can be just as scarey with boys as girls!

  3. And I just spelled scary wrong … nice…

  4. Anonymous

    Jess, just wanted to let you know we are thinking about you and praying for the whole family.

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