Hope had an ultrasound on Friday afternoon.  There is only one baby in there and the sex is to be determined.  Right now the baby is only the size on a finger.  The kids and I were in the room and could see the baby’s heart beating rapidly on the screen.  It is still facinating.

Did I want one baby or two babies?  In having twins in Grace and Isaac, there are moments of their early days that have been completely forgotten because of lack of sleep and sanity.  But if you haven’t noticed, the children that are created between Hope and I are used by scientists to calibrate their instruments.  In other words, they’re perfect.

Later on Friday we purchased the “Curious George” soundtrack.  Do not walk!  RUN to your local record store to get this CD!  Then find yourself a slow-moving Saturday afternoon and hit “repeat all” on your CD player.

“Without you I was broken but I’d rather be broke down with you by my side.”  (Curious George)



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  1. are you upset there was only one???  or did you want 2??  you know twins are awesome *L*

  2. every album of Jack Johnson’s is like that… he helps me relax

  3. I’m hoping for twins for myself some day 🙂
    RD ~  I have thought about that for a while… it would be so fun… I don’t think the time is right in my life… but it would be so fun! 

  4. Great movie AND Great soundtrack!! It’s GREAT!!!
    Glad to hear everyone’s healthy and happy 🙂

  5. Anonymous

    I am so excited!! I love being an aunt to your children. I may have to look into moving to Indiana. Every child you have makes it harder and harder to be 5 hours away. Love you guys.

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