Below is a funny story about Grace and Isaac with Erinn C. (, one of our babysitters.

Still later, we were reading out of Isaac’s library book on Arctic wildlife. We came to this page about skuas. Have you ever heard of the skua? I hadn’t. The kids asked me what this bird eats, and I had to tell them that these birds, nicknamed something like the Pirates of the Arctic, scream at other birds until the startled birds throw up their own food. Then the skuas eat the regurgitated food. Yeah, I know. Gross. You should have seen Grace and Isaac’s faces. Isaac may haved thought it moderately cool, but Grace was seriously revolted. Okay. So on the next page, there was a rather terrifying picture of a golden eagle. I told the kids that this bird eats things like small mice and rabbits. Grace was horrified that mother bunnies wouldn’t be able to find their babies. So she got an ingenious idea. She decided that we could make the skuas yell at the golden eagles until they threw up the bunnies, after which we could wrap the poor bunnies in blankets and take them back to their mommies. And we could tell the skuas to only eat mice.

For Gracie, you have to appreciate that all small animals who are alone are looking for their mothers and vice versa.  Being separated from your mother is about as bad as it gets for Gracie.



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  1. Yes….she was the sissy….Not me though (LOL)

  2. Jess ~  I’m an extreme multi-tasker… althuoght I watch 24 and LOST… I am also reading 3 different books (Financial Peace by Dave Ramsey – GREAT, love his saracastic humor, Hiding from Love – by the guy who wrote boundaries… good book – love pyschological stuff, and All the Way Home by Ann Tatlock – great beginning… dragging a little now)… plus working on a Beth Moore devotional study and talking my last REAL grad school class… So when I say multi-tasker I really mean ADHD girl! 🙂

  3. Jesse… I’m not going to lie… your children are amazing… they never cease to amaze me.

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