Nine years ago this week, Tim M., Luis T., Aaron B. and I went to Myrtle Beach for Spring Break.  Just passing through a television in our grill here at HU, I caught a glimpse of the Big East Basketball Tournament.  That week, 9 years ago, our days were spent sleeping late, making breakfast, playing cards, playing tennis and watching college basketball.  That was one of the best weeks of my life.

I was able to talk to Luis today.  He has been at a church in Allentown, PA for nine years.  He is married with one child, a boy.  It was great to reconnect with him.



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  1. what church in allentown???  That’s ten minutes from me?!

  2. City Limits A/G at 302 Ridge Ave

  3. Was that the Myrtle Beach trip which resulted in the Myrtle Beach Trials???

  4. Yep.  That was the other condo.  I still have no idea what happened; only the response.

  5. Ummm….I remember other things happening down there 9 years ago!!!!

  6. I remember ALMOST going… and then being so glad I didn’t… I wasn’t so sure (at the time) I would have made… the right choices… and the consequences would really have been… unfortunate in my life at the time!

  7. Okay Jess… we have some RA discussion going on… what do you look for in an RA?

  8. Is Lou pastoring in Allentown???  I just drove through there last weekend…

  9. To this day, I think of you every time I hear or see Counting Crows.  For some reason, the JC Phouse that is most distinct with you in it is the one that was in the cafeteria … was that JC or something else?
    What great memories of those times … you’ve inspired some thoughts … think i might hit it on my site.
    And, ah, speaking of March Madness … how’s about them Orange?!?  Go S.U.!!!!!

  10. Before I found the church john and I going to now, I had been going to city limits and el shaddai, City limits is a happening church!  I don’t know if I’d remember Luis though.

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