Ah Josh… no one can blame you for a reminiscence of the good ol’ days.  While I often think of this sort of reminiscent writing as cheezy, I couldn’t help it.  Please forgive all of the “I” personal pronouns.  Here are a few memories of my own:

JC Powerhouse: After my first appearance with Gimpy, I was hooked.  People actually responded to my humor and wanted to know what we were going to do for the next show.  Never before had this happened to me.  Once Paul D. and I hooked up for the “Counting Cats”, I found a niche that changed my confidence.  Being a part of JCP was such an emotional high and I couldn’t wait until the next show.

Soccer: Even though we rarely won games, the feeling of being on the soccer team has never been replaced.  Driving to foreign abbreviated places like BBC, LBC, PCB, ABC, and Mont. Co. Comm. Coll. can be recalled instantly during the cool fall months.  Fall just doesn’t seem right without a 3:30-5:30 practice somedays.  If a song by the Counting Crows, Gin Blossoms or Toad the Wet Sprocket comes on the radio, I’m instantly placed on a PA toll road nervously anticipating an upcoming game.  For the record, I played most games terrified that the ball might actually come my direction. 

Remember when Stats would bring his couch to away games?  I can’t tell you how much harder I played knowing that there were at least a handful of our fans on the sidelines.

It was through soccer that I got a nick-name: “Petey”.  Vernon, the coach, really thought my name was Pete.  So one day during a practice in the gym, he stopped practice and told the team that I was no longer going to answer to “Jesse” but instead I would only respond to “Pete”.  In order to have a nick-name you have to be accepted and belong to the group. 

Perhaps at another time I’ll remember the back road to the KoP Mall, the G-Lodge Diner, when Josh C. cut his hair, Jars of Clay’s first album, the smell of the mailroom, President Smith in Chapel, my first job with Housekeeping, the first time I met Mr. T and how I couldn’t wait for breaks to be over so that I could come back to school.



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  1. I love memory lane!  In my mind of visual images, memory lane is a beautiful country road… it’s always summer… the trees are overgrown, shading the road and there are plenty of dogwoods in full bloom…
    I had my “little sister” (the missionaries daughter from Ireland) here for spring break… I just took her to the airport to fly back to North Central and was thinking about that delicious feeling of driving back to campus after a break… I loved it coming back after break, Pres. Smith chapels (esp. when he canceled classes), the eculaptis smell of Deborah’s apartment, hanging out with Kathy in SDO… Does anyone remember that we deemed SDO the senior lounge and would ALL be there at about 3:30 every day?!?!?

  2. I would agree about the SDO being lounge area I was almost afraid to go in there to talk and I actually worked at the stinkin college *L*

  3. Anonymous

    do you remember that you sang a line that said, “i need a hot dog, i need some cream corn”?  there have been times that i’ve sang that line randomly and everyone around me thought i was nuts

  4. I remember that (hot dog, cream corn)  LOL

  5. HEY!!!!!! Love reading your memories. It’s sparking some of my own. HI!!!!

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