Student Leaders? 

Aside from Christian character and growing relationship with God… 1.) Exhibited leadership in the past.  Were they involved (leading) before they had an acutal position?  2.) Good reputation.  Would it surprise anyone if they became a RA (leader)?  What would faculty / staff think of this person in a significant leadership role?  On a campus the size of HU or VFCC, a person’s reputation greatly precedes them.  3.) Self-motivated.  I would rather have to reign someone in that urge them to move forward.  4.) Relationships, relationships, relationships.  Are they good with people?  Do they care about people?  Can they listen without interrupting?  5.) Interest in Residence Life / Student Development.  Can they see themselves as a RD (someone who supervises RAs) in the future?  This last one isn’t a decided factor but it doesn’t hurt.

Scheri (I never remember if it is with a “C” or “Sh”), I would have hired you based upon #2, #3, and #4.  I am surprised that you applied to be a RA but did not get it.  Would you be surprised if I auditioned for 3D and didn’t get it? 



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  1. Not that you asked me but I do know a little something about 3D . . . I don’t think you would have made it for one reason, they make you sing (or used to) one song at the end of your try out and once they would have heard Mr. Brown sing . . . . Sweet Glory – you would have made Chosen Lead Singer instead!!!!  As for RAs, I think that they should be approached rather than apply.  It seems the most health of true leaders are leading and balancing a tough schedule – the idea of offering to lead their peers seems like an awkward offer to have to make.  Put a different way, most leaders have a very real view of themselves and their weaknesses.  I feel this way for two reasons:  1. I was never an RA (never applied) 2. All of the good RAs were either asked by faculty (unofficially) or talked into it by their peers (after all accountability is most affective when asked for).  Back to 3D, I was asked to lead the team, I would have never offered and if my memory serves me, I believe that you were asked to lead Chosen that same year . . . asked . . . interesting!  So those are my thoughts, take them or leave them . . . I have a lot of thoughts concerning leadership.

  2. Reading Claude’s response flashed me back… I think I was approached about applying to be an RA… I had totally forgotten and was actually wondering today before visiting Xanga-land, what had possessed me to apply for an RA position and how on earth I was ever selected… But now I’m flashing back and I remember Kim Reynolds approaching me about applying… huh… interesting…
    And regarding 3D… you did have to sing at the end of the audition but I don’t think it ended up mattering much… I’m a little sad about my time on 3D… It was a dream for me from the time I was about 13… but the year that I led… not such a good one for the school… We had to face so many questions that summer from districts and pastors regarding everything that had happened that year while still trying to process it ourselves…

  3. I didn’t have to sing.  We’re all better for that.
    I encourage approaching potential leaders.  We’ve had many great student leaders who would not have volunteered for the position.  But one time that I was approached about leadership involved singing: Pastor Comenzo asked me if I would lead worship for an early morning service.  I would have never done so myself but was given an appropriate challenge.

  4. Jesse….I am assuming when you say Scheri that is me, since Sara & I were talking about it….you might be getting it confused with Cheri & Shush….anyway…I am surprised that you didn’t get on 3D cause I think you are soooo stinkin funny.  Singing, haven’t heard it, but hey Teri was on 3D and she can’t sing.  I do believe she sang Amazing Grace and tried to do it in a funny way just to get through it.  And, if it was me….thanks I appreciate it.

  5. The amazing thing about developing leaders is seeing the yet to be realized potential in people…

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