A college worship list: Lord I Lift Your Name on High, Every Move I Make, Shout to the Lord (with the key change), Draw Me Close. 



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  1. ahhhhhh… Worship in the 90’s!  The best chapels freshman year were “G” chapels – meaning when Grimaldi let worship πŸ™‚

  2. I forgot about him….and yes it is 90’s…but who still sings it……..US!!!  and we get made fun of when we say…can’t we learn different ones….It is not about that they say…it is what you singing…(LOL)

  3. Side and totally unrelated note… Dunkin’ Donuts now has a turbo coffee which reminds of the red eye that you explained… it’s extra strong coffee with a shot of espresso… just downed it… I’ll fill you in on the effects later πŸ™‚

  4. Yeah… the turbo… not so amazing!  I’m dragging today and the turbo did not pick me up…

  5. I remember being a freshman and singing as the deer pants for the water, and thought what a cool song that is how far behind my church is

  6. I’ll take Charles Wesley and Isaac Watts.

  7. Wow … grimaldi … I had the distinct honor of being the only non-latino that participated in the latino led chapel services.  They were amazing … it was quite a challenge to even try to play the piano with them.
    I think if I heard some of those ’90’s songs now, they would frighten me.

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