Only six weeks remain in the semester.  Life is not viewed in months but in semesters with a summer and Christmas break in between.  I feel sorry for those whose lives do not revolve around the rythym of the academic calendar.



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  1. Me too!  Life is just so much more simple with the academic calendar!  :o) 

  2. I celebrate each new semester with a bouquet of a dozen newly sharpened pencils and a fresh order of post-it notes.  Gotta love the cycle, baby.

  3. I have to say… I do miss that!  In less than 2 months… I’ll have my MED and could totally return to the classroom… decisions… decisions… And I LOVE bouquets fo newly sharpened pencils!!!  I’m addicted to school supplies… I find myself wandering longingly through the aisles each fall!

  4. Obviously said by someone without papers to grade.

  5. You are all weird………

  6. Jess….Regent proper runs on tri-mesters, but Regent Undergrad runs on 8 week Units, and I just finished teaching the Jan-March Unit (talking of cycles).  This was a stellar semester for my on-campus class. Teaching online is still presenting some challenges, as the relational side of me is stretching and striving to find other ways to connect besides face-to-face contact (side note, this time around the distance ed thing posed some questions for me.  Can Spiritual formation even be TAUGHT online, apart from community and the accountability and dynamic that comes with it??  But then I hit upon the notion–it seems as though much of Paul’s work–chiefly the Epistles–would have been deemed “Distance Edu,” would they not?  So, perhaps the idea of formation can not only be adapted to, but actually perform in an an online format quite nicely).
    Anyway, tangent aside, here’s the point of this story…lol.
    Last class of the term.  On Campus students are sharing their growth stories….some are getting pretty emotional….there was some tangible growth over the course of the term….I was really pleased overall.  Then I ask for students to pray and I’d close us out.  4 people into the prayer, this older lady starts praying and thanks God for the teaching and she proceeds to say, “And finally, Lord….we ask that you bless our dear professor Falk with a Godly husband…” at which point I’m a bit stunned–it was a tad of an awkward setting…..and before I can recover,  another lady echos loudly, “Amen Lord…and 2 children!”  I heard the snickering start in the back and move toward me in what felt like a physical wave….it was a stretch to close in prayer and end the course with gracefulness.  Thank God for a sense of humor or I’d be going to the all online format
    Long post…

  7. Oh Melissa…..You have them doing those things to you too (LOL)…Haven’t had that prayer…but it comes pretty close

  8. Paul probably would be interested in distance education.  Funny story about the Godly husband.

  9. Anonymous

    its a good rhythm man.

  10. How is your wife feeling?  When is your new baby due?  Tim just left for Baghdad and Heidi is pregnant.  Unfortunately I can say our baby days are over.  You know what happens when a woman gets a baby itch…she gets a puppy!

  11. hey Jesse!
    Good luck on your upcoming Chapel appearence. Prayers…

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