A few short thoughts:

Hope is doing well.  She hasn’t been too sick in the past two weeks.  The baby will probably be born around September 13.  We’re looking for some good names if you have any suggestions.

Spring has finally sprung.  The daffodils that were planted in the fall around our house are close to opening up and students have appeared outside on the grass to bask.  It isn’t spring until students are lying around outside pretending to study.

I’ve decided to read only one book at a time.  I have typically had several books going at once: one as devotional, another to read in a distracting environment, one that can only be read in silence, one that is directly involved with my job and probably one other book just for good measure.  NO MORE.  It’s one book at a time: A Generous Orthodoxy by Brian McLaren.  I have not been impressed thus far with Mr. McLaren’s ego-centric writing style.  If he gives me one more warning about the radical ideas that he is about to share; that I could put the book down at any moment, I’m going to puke. 

Opening day is this Sunday when the Indians take on the White Sux.  Go Tribe!



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  1. I can understand the frustration with McLaren’s writing but it helps me to realize that he is writing to people as sensitively as he can because he knows he will get read and critiqued by people from all walks of theology and uber-evangelicals sometimes need forwarning. You get used to it after a while. I think he writes like that because of the context from which he came. He probably has his old church in mind while writing.

  2. HA HA! I had the same thoughts reading his book! It’s enjoyable and thought-provoking… and I think just being sure to cover himself and make sure the reader understands he’s aware his theology his “fresh.” Hope it becomes more enjoyable, and at the least challenging!
    Glad Hope is doing well! I miss you guys!

  3. Anonymous

    I probably broke you into McLaren, that is why you don’t need all the warnings…
    Manny in your draft…I am sure you love that!  I was hoping you would have ended up with Ortiz!

  4. Sara’s a great name… and as I tell my brother and sister-in-law each time there is a baby on the way… It’s not just for girls anymore 🙂
    Seriously… I have the multiple books going because it’s the only way that I can get things done… although I’m getting almost no where in most of them!
    I’m currently reading Financial Peace by Dave Ramsey (with workbook) in an effort to take control of my finances… Battle Field of the Mind by Joyce Meyer for an outreach group/cell group/4-12 group/G-12 group… whatever… they are all the same thing!  Hiding from Love by the author guy of boundaries… great counseling book… All the Way Home by Ann Tatlock – a novel and doing a Beth Moore devotional study… Huh… I’m a little overwhelmed with my ADHD as I type all of that out!

  5. Here’s a review I wrote on it, for when you’re done. Dusty and Joey would disagree with me, but you decide who’s right when you’re done.http://midwestmindset.blogspot.com/2004/12/review-of-generous-orthodoxy-why-i-am.html#comments

  6. Jesse how about…..hmmm……SHUSH.  There is only one other one in the world.

  7. Anonymous

    I personally think Joel’s a great name
    Go tribe!!!!!

  8. names I love!!! Girls Isabella (means Gods promise) and bella in italian means beautiful. Boy sebastian, noah, elijah?!?!  So glad to hear you’re doing well!! Please give hope a big hug for me!!  Thanks,  ~C

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