I spoke in Chapel today.  This was the largest group of people that I have ever spoken to.  My nose was running most of the time (because it does that when I speak publically).  But because I had a lapel mic on, I couldn’t sniff.  I would never make it as a public speaker professionally.

The Indians won their first game today vs. the hated White Sux.  Their first game (on Sunday night) was about as lame of a game as you can imagine: starting pitcher gets injured, 3 hour rain delay, homerun by a former Indian that sealed the victory for the White Sux.  It’s night like those that it is better to not like sports at all.



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  1. Hey i just wanted to say thanks for speaking in chapel today. I really enjoyed what you had to say. “You can never go so far that I can’t come get you.” That quote has been in my head all day!!

  2. You did a wonderful job today!  I liked it a lot!

  3. Thanks for speaking in Chapel.  Great job!   

  4. I could really see you doing that….(LOL)

  5. We weren’t falling asleep in the front row, promise. We just didn’t want to crane our necks back. 
    You did well. Nice job.

  6. Good job speaking on the gossip thing.  I clapped for that comment.

  7. Anonymous

    yeah thanks for the shout-out to gossip! heh, i thought you were gonna point at me there for a sec….
    go tribe!!!!

  8. I ditto all of the above. I loved your stories and insight.
    I couldn’t even tell that your nose was running, either. 🙂

  9. the thing that your father said to you, “no matter how far you go i can always come and get you”
    really stuck with me.
    thanks for a meaningful message.

  10. Question?  Did you ever speak in chapel at VFCC?

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