Some thoughts and questions about the first 100 pages of Generous Orthodoxy:

  1. I’m not sure what Brian means by celebrating each of the seven Jesuses (denominations) that he has experienced.  While I appreciate different denominations, there are some that are more palatable than others.  This may be a result of denominational style.
  2. I agree that we acknowledge that Christians of each tradition bring something different to the table but how does this take place?  Should I “church-hop” so that I can taste all of the variety?  That doesn’t make sense.
  3. “Jesus and God B” almost made me want to put the book down.  His language is so hesitant is seeking to not offend someone that it is borderline silly.  His massive apology for using masculine pronouns for “God” is too much and unnecessary.  We use masculine pronouns for “God” because it is the only language we have.  “God B” is non-sensical.
  4. The thoughts in the 3rd chapter were challenging.  His thoughts on servant leadership were very insightful and though-provoking.  The idea of “Buddy Jesus” sitting on our couch, watching TV with us, thumbs up and grinning, meeting our needs is a Jesus that I have probably imagined sometimes in my own life.



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  1. Please tell me that he isn’t endorsing “Buddy Jesus.” If so, then that’s all I need to know about the book. Yuck.

  2. No, he’s not endorsing Buddy Jesus.  He’s saying that we think of Jesus as a buddy too much.

  3. Well, my buddy Jesus told me …
    Sorry I missed your Chapel experience … I would have loved to have been there.
    I really enjoyed reading More Ready than you Realize, although, looking back I can definitely see tones of your beefs with Orthodoxy.  I don’t understand the God B stuff though … maybe you can enlighten me.  Maybe it’s the influence of my hippy parents, but I do tend to appreciate persons that will challenge the ‘church as usual’ approaches.  If for nothing else, to keep us in check with making sure we are the church without spot or wrinkle that He intends to come back for …
    Hey … thanks again for connecting me to Forgers via Xanga.  Without going into details, I went to a memorial service last night that just once again made me greatly appreciate these ‘old’ friendships.

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