To Kill a Mockingbird is a great book.  I finished it 6 days after I opened it up.  Watching the story unfold through the eyes of 8 year old Scout helped me to remember how children think (except that Scout had a much better vocabulary than any 8 year old that I know of).  Every neighborhood growing up has a mysterious (and heroic) Boo Radley in it.  Where my Grandmother Brown used to live on Oakwood Drive, my sister and I were certain that a large rock covered up a grave in her backyard.

I greatly admire Atticus as a father and lawyer and I am ashamed for many of the Women’s Circle members who viewed Tom Robinson’s final actions as “typical.”  There are many people today who have “typical” viewpoints about blacks and other people groups. 

Jem reminded me of Mr. Tavani’s oldest son, Vincent.  Both have a tremendous imagination and act a little older than their age.  It was funny when Scout realized that Jem was getting old and, therefore, becoming moodier.  Her resolution to Jem’s moodiness was that he simply needed to get beat up but she was too little to do it.

In church, the choir director’s (Zeebo) voice sounded like distant thunder.  Few words give better images and sounds in my mind than these.  Ms. Lee’s book painted many other pictures in my mind: the front porch, the pageant, the Courthouse, Mr. Elwell’s yard.  I guess that good writers have a way of helping you imagine the story.

I’ve discovered fiction and have also finished two other Earnest Gaines books (aside from A Lesson Before Dying)A Gathering of Old Men and In My Father’s House were both very good books as well.  Definately read Old Men if you get some time.  I’ve begun Marilynne Robinson’s Gilead on a suggestion by Jack Heller.  Thus far, it has been a good read.



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  1. Interesting connection between Vincent and Jem… I really have to go back and reread it… Do you think the maturity is a “first child syndrome”?
    I’m glad you’ve discovered fiction 🙂  It’s great!  Has Hope read the books by… I can’t remember her first name… Last name is Higgs-Clark… It’s a four part serious (what’s the technical term for that).  I just started the final book Grace in Thine Eyes… I love them because they are long with small print… If I’m busy enough with work and life I can make it last for two weeks!  Although if I get to addicted it might not last past Monday…

  2. You should read Ragtime by E.L. Doctorow…its a good one.  I finished Lesson about a week ago.  I liked the storyline, but wasn’t too hip on the 1st person narative.  It took me a while to get into.  But, still a good book.

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