Courage is one of the most admirable characteristics a person can have.  Bravery in the face of grave danger awe-inspiring; especially when it is exemplified by someone who’s position in life does not require them to be brave often.  Faith feeds courage.  Without a faith in something that is greater than you are, courage becomes frustrated.


Inspiration from courageous people has been a motivational factor in my recent reading.  Atticus Finch (Mockingbird), Uncle Billy Gable (Gathering of Old Men), Grant Wiggins (Lesson Before Dying) have all become role-models of courage in the face of seemingly insurmountable danger.  Atticus on the steps of the jailhouse under his make-shift light reading his newspaper, Gable and the other old men standing up to the racist attitudes of Sheriff Mapes and Fix Boutan and even the reluctance of Grant are all images that have been seared into my thoughts.


Courage is a great factor in my study of the Civil Rights movement.  Normal, working people lived very courageous lives in the looming shadow of Dr. King. Atticus Finch, Uncle Billy Gable and Grant Wiggins all help me better visualize and stand in awe of their struggle.



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  1. You should name your next kid Atticus. That’d be pretty neat, huh.

  2. Demi Moore and Bruce Willis do have “Scout”

  3. Bring your kids to Science Central!!!!! :o) :o) :o)

  4. How is your wifey feeling???   

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