It is (still) official: we are (still) having a girl!  Yahoo!  Lots of squeals ahead.  Three proms.  Three weddings.  Three entrances into womanhood (gulp).  Three petite, blonde heads squealling around as their brother antagonates them.  And three different boyfriends coming around that I can wear my black socks and bathrobe (that I do not own yet) around.  I have been studying old “Cosby” show episodes to see how Dr. Huxtable embarrassed his children in front of their friends.

On Sunday, I began planting my Father’s Day presents into the ground.  I got flowers for our front flower beds; all shades of yellow and pink.  Some of them look like ice cream cones and others are simply called “Pinks”.  Gardening has become theraputic for me recently.  Transplanting and planting flowers over the past few months has helped transform my overgrown yard into something more attractive as well as unplug; it is refreshing and gives me a tremendous sense of accomplishment.



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  1. Congratulations on the news of a girl! Hope your gardening goes well for you as well.

  2. Anonymous

    yea for girls!!! in the following years, we will be praying for you all…growing up with three teen girls will be a challenge, but one i know you & hopie can handle!

  3. I can see you acting like Dr. Huxtable *L*

  4. Your flowers do look nice, I must say.  Rather fun to look at from my couch. 😉

  5. Go ahead and be like Cosby, but…No crazy color-block sweaters from the 80’s though, please. 

  6. Hope sent me the 3-d pics that is amazing!! Wonderful news, hugs to all!

  7. So many fun things to look forward to with so many girls in the house! Hope you are all doing well…tell all i miss them!

  8. Jess ~  Your sense of humor and thought process never stop amusing me… LOLOLOL to your bathrobe, socks and the Cosby show!  I always wanted to be a Cosby 🙂

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