More hazards of gardening… on Sunday night, my mother-in-law and I were removing some plants when a bee flew up my pants and stung me on the left hip.  Being allergic to bees, I began a sort of dance similar to the Holy Ghost Hop that the older women would do at church but including a new twist: a hip-slap to smash the intruder. 

Arriving quickly in the back yard, where the rest of my family, my sister-in-law and father-in-law were as well, I took my pants down very quickly to make sure that there weren’t any more creatures wanting to do damage to other discrete parts.  Hope, in shock because my pants weren’t where they usually were, began asking many good questions but also reached into her purse for some singles (that last bit may be a slight embellishment).

The little critter flew out of my pants onto the ground where someone stepped on him.  Insert “moral of the story” here:



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  1. They weren’t singles, they were 20’s.

  2. 20s? Nope, no morals to this story. And no bees in my pants. But there are other true stories I could tell.

  3. The moral….hmm..
    Two Bee or Not Two Bee–that was the question.

  4. Anonymous

    bees? dropping of pants??? and your in-laws were there? what kind of parties do you throw? :O)

  5. Moral of the story…….Don’t garden if you are allergic to bees, they MOST OFTEN do fly around there.

  6. Anonymous

    That sounds like a scene from ‘Meet the Parents’ …

  7. Never enter the garden without your purse.

  8. After you sting someone, fly to higher ground or you will be crushed.

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