Sister Sharon Rose instructed Gracie and I last night on the care of Monarch butterflies at Victory Noll.  Sister Sharon’s character is one that butterflies would be drawn to and light upon. 

Outside of the convent were milkweed plants mixed in with her flowers.  Most people view milkweed as a weed but Sister Sharon thinks that weeds are plants that people just don’t want in their yard.   Milkweed is the only plants that Monarch butterflies eat (who knew?).  Did you know that butterflies taste with their feet?

Gracie had a great time and chattered non-stop to Hope when we got home.  We were able to take 2 caterpillars home to watch their transformation into butterflies.  She is very excited and I’m surprised that she hasn’t named them yet.



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  1. how wonderful! i am so glad you two went to that thing. i saw some info on it at CDV once and thought how much grace would LOVE that. you are a great dad, jesse brown.

  2. My whole family raises Monarch Butterflies.  I hope Gracie enjoys raising them.

  3. Oh that must have been a fun time for Gracie! What a great fun thing to do with her dad! If she names them let me know what she decides on!

  4. During the work day, I helped the sisters prepare that butterfly garden. I am glad it is succeeding.

  5. I love that you went a convent to learn about butterflies… my boss was a nun for 17 years… than she left to marry a priest… they have 2 kids now… She thinks I’d make a great nun and wants to take me to the “mother house”… I guess that’s like the mothership for nuns.

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