The butterfly garden that Jack helped to plant is a nice garden.  It has very tall, feathery flowers that you want to touch.  I am hoping to get some of the same flowers outside of my living room window. 

Right now, there is a gopher trap outside of my living room window.  You should see this thing living underneath my front porch.  It lumbers around my garden like a seal.  Perhaps it really IS a seal.  So my neighbor and I set up a cage / trap and covered it with some nearby weeds.  Apparently, gophers are smart enough to know that a trap is a bad thing.  Hopefully the camouflage will ease its apprehension of eating the nicely served piece of lettuce inside.



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  1. Dave and I saw it in your side yard last week and wondered where on earth it lived!  Now I know!

  2. Hey!  I’m listening to Huntington College Radio on the Net… and they are playing Flood… I feel like I’m back in college again 🙂

  3. let us know about the gopher.  a shot gun works in a pinch-of course it is not safe to keep around children, so you have to borrow one from a hillbilly friend (or family member in our case.)

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