The kids have a new swimming pool.  We bought one of the large, blue, inflatable pools that kill your lawn from there sheer size or by the amount of water that is dumped out when emptied.  Unfortunately, we placed it on a slight slope which made it impossible to fill up completely.  Hence, the emptying process and relocation.  Perhaps I’ll try to drown the otter that lives in my yard.

It’s only supposed to get up to 121 degrees today.

Last night there was a strange storm.  The amount of thunder didn’t equal the amount of lightening that lit up the sky.  We pay attention to thunder and lightening in our house because Isaac is very afraid of storms.  If he can count the seconds between the lightening and thunder, it gives him something else to think about other than the possibility of his pillow being struck by lightening.



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  1. Anonymous

    hahahahaha no brian is not jewish!!! that photo was taken after an easter show he was in. might i brag he was amazing!!! we had a terrible experience with our pool last year, trying to find a “flat” spot. i think we emptied and filled it back up 115 times, ok maybe like 4 but that feels like a 115. it’s very annoying. i feel your pain.

  2. I know last night here when it got down to like….80, we thought OH WOW this feels so good!!!!!

  3. Oh man pools are fun! I have helped set up those huge blue pools, they aren’t that fun! ( well to set up, but to swim in i am sure they are fun!) Tell the kids i say hi!

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