Isaac, from here-on-out, who will be known as “The Alpha Male”, learned to ride his two-wheeler on Friday in about 30 seconds.  It was amazing to watch. 

One trip up the sidewalk to Jack’s house, I kept my hand on the back of his seat.  The return trip had me running by myself.  In a short time, he was able to start himself while keeping one foot on the front steps.  Last night, he only needed to have one pedal in the “launch” position.

Stopping is something different but we’re working on it.  Most stops include him reassuringly saying, “I’m OK.”



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  1. Tell Isaac, “Way to GO!” 

  2. isnt it funny that when they are ready they are just ready.  one of my children who will remain nameless, was all drama when it came to riding a bike.  he wanted the training wheels off, but he also wanted josh to run behind him and hold the bike. soo josh ran around like a banchie for a while.  then finally he got it…brandon on the other hand, didnt want us to teach him, one day he just picked up the bike and went…never looked back.  my how they are different.

  3. Give him a high 5 for me! Tell him I miss him!

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